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  1. 12/8 20:50 JessTerry xo: BTW Just wanted to let people know ive brought back my footballers kids forum, with different admins! its at a different link, http://footballerschildren.forumcommunity.net/ thanks all
  2. 9/5 0:23 Pwiincess Cara: Can I have access please X
  3. 14/4 17:51 OjosMágicos: Liverpool through to the Final of the FA Cup!
  4. 26/2 20:58 OjosMágicos: Liverpool Carling Cup Champions 2012 :D
  5. 23/2 0:28 pinklady1: y wont it let me look on any of the pics
  6. 23/2 0:28 pinklady1: y wont it let me look at any of the pics
  7. 23/2 0:27 pinklady1: y wont it let me look on any of the pics
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  9. 19/1 1:47 bethrichards87: I'm sorry i haven't been around, just beford new yr my nan had a stroke so have been busy looking after her. Hope everyone had a lovely xmas and new year :-D
  10. 12/1 12:36 OjosMágicos: Post match interview with Stevie up
  11. 31/12 0:39 OjosMágicos: Pictures of Stevie against Newcastle
  12. 30/12 23:41 OjosMágicos: Video of Stevie and Bellamy being interviewed after the Newcastle match
  13. 20/12 17:10 OjosMágicos: Pictures of Stevie training with the rest of the squad up :D
  14. 13/12 20:30 JessTerry xo: INTRODUCING LOURDES GERRARD SCANS UP
  15. 9/12 21:16 OjosMágicos: New pictures of Stevie in training :D
  16. 27/11 20:56 ali-luvs-sg: posted pictures of alex here
  17. 18/11 23:14 Fr33k: Do you share files with friends and forums? Make money by it.. http://bit.ly/t3FInt
  18. 18/11 18:04 Fr33k: Watch FREE Moviez online here: http://bit.ly/s5Fb4S
  19. 18/11 1:08 Fr33k: Watch FREE Moviez online here: http://bit.ly/s5Fb4S
  20. 9/11 0:56 bethrichards87: Girls i'll be getting a copy of the ok interview Alex has done about the baby on thursday, when I go to the hozy - hopefully, would u like me to scan it for yous?
  21. 2/11 22:52 bethrichards87: me neither, bit weird tbh, but it's their baby so it's up to them what they call her, so happy for them though :)
  22. 1/11 21:51 OjosMágicos: I really it to be wanted it to be boy lol I'm not mad on the name though
  23. 1/11 19:47 Kira Gerrard: alex has given birth to a baby girl called lourdes!! xx
  24. 14/10 1:34 bethrichards87: I really want to be as active as I possible can and post as many pictures as I can, but can't because of this......Please help thanks girls (btw I may post this on some other forums as well - just incase u see it lol), Thanks girls :-)
  25. 14/10 1:32 bethrichards87: Girls I need some help.....I'm trying to find new pics of the gerrard's and other ballers and their families but nearly everytime I try and access some I get a message saying I need to register and asked the question company name and postion, does anyone know what I put there or even if I can access
  26. 28/9 11:40 ali-luvs-sg: posted pics of alex here
  27. 6/9 1:06 bethrichards87: I have got an interview Alex did with Now magazine and will post it when i'm next on......watch this space girls :-D xxx
  28. 1/9 13:48 steviegjt: Thank you Kira hun
  29. 1/9 10:37 Kira Gerrard: oooo loving it :P xx
  30. 31/8 18:06 OjosMágicos: looks great :)
  31. 31/8 13:28 steviegjt: The new look is finished just going to do a few changes then its all done until end of November it wont change for the birth of the new child and chrismtas
  32. 26/8 21:18 OjosMágicos: love the new look :)
  33. 25/8 22:38 ali-luvs-sg: The new look is fab :D
  34. 25/8 9:45 Kira Gerrard: LOVE the new look :) xx
  35. 24/8 21:09 Glittah: Beautiful new forum theme!
  36. 25/8 0:04 CarolG9: hi! i'm new here.. i really love this forum that's great! :D i've got some Alex Curran pics for you :)
  37. 24/8 20:42 bethrichards87: OMG OMG OMG, love the new look :-) xXx :
  38. 15/8 18:24 bethrichards87: have a good time hun, lucky you - jealous much :) x
  39. 13/8 18:19 OjosMágicos: I won't be here for 2 weeks going up north I will go to Melwood while I'm there ;)
  40. 12/8 20:01 bethrichards87: Love this forum, so many pictures - one of the best around - well done girls keep it up :-) xXx
  41. 10/8 21:38 bethrichards87: Hope everyone is ok and staying safe - will post some pictures soonish :-) xXx
  42. 6/8 18:47 Kira Gerrard: wow im loving the new look :) xx
  43. 4/8 20:13 bethrichards87: thanks ok - may take a while as my lappie is the families and i come on, but can't always stay on long :) xXx
  44. 3/8 20:58 steviegjt: post away all old ones in the archive.
  45. 3/8 19:26 bethrichards87: thanks hunnie - i've also got some pictures of the gerrard's - am not the best at posting pictures, but if you'de like i could post some :) thanks again xXx
  46. 2/8 11:53 steviegjt: Of course it is.
  47. 28/7 22:26 bethrichards87: In the photoboard, would it be possible for me to post some pictures of me in a new topic please? xXx
  48. 15/7 20:40 ali-luvs-sg: posted new pics of alex here
  49. 19/6 13:27 ali-luvs-sg: posted pics of alex on holiday here
  50. 18/6 22:22 steviegjt: Hiya welcome here!
  51. 18/6 21:07 stevieg1: Hello. I'm new


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~ captain.

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Steven Gerrard

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Match Pictures

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~The Liverpool Family

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